IATP Asbestos Awareness Training Course

The IATP Asbestos Awareness Course is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos. It highlights the health conditions caused by inhaling asbestos fibres and details what employers and employees must do to mitigate the risks when working around or managing asbestos materials.

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Our course will cover a range of topics including:

  • Introduction – What asbestos is, where it comes from, and why it is a health concern 
  • Health effects and potentially fatal health issues 
  • Where asbestos can be found and what to do if you come across asbestos materials 
  • How to safely manage asbestos when you do discover it
  • Legal requirements and employer responsibilities 
  • Asbestos assessment detailing the purpose of an assessment and how you can properly conduct one, along with management and necessary action plans 

We offer flexible training therefore the course can be completed online, anywhere, on a laptop, desktop, or device. Take just 25-30 mins out of your day or pause and save your progress to learn at your own pace. 

Once you have completed all modules you will need to complete a final assessment whereupon completion, you will be awarded an Asbestos Awareness Certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements

Are you a director, manager, or supervisor? It is your legal duty to provide the necessary training to any workers you are responsible for. 

Any employees who work in construction, refurbishment, maintenance, and demolition of building – especially if they are conducting work in buildings constructed before the 2000s – will be most at risk of exposure therefore will require training. 

Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP) is a trade association which sets the standards for asbestos training. They coordinate alongside the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure best practice and continue to deliver an unmatched standard for asbestos awareness. 

Our IATP Asbestos Awareness course will be the perfect solution to train your employees on understanding exactly what asbestos is, ways you can be exposed to it, and the necessary steps if you happen to come into contact with asbestos-containing materials (ACMS). 

Our course is IOSH approved, CPD certified, and will ensure your business complies with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Asbestos: the hidden killer which takes the lives of around 5000 workers each year.

There are six types of asbestos, all of which contain extremely hazardous materials that when disturbed, turn into airborne fibres that can cause serious ill health when inhaled. Health conditions caused by inhaling asbestos take a long time to develop however as these can go undetected, it is often too late once a diagnosis is confirmed. 

Due to this it is absolutely crucial all workers who pose the risk of disturbing asbestos materials must be appropriately trained to ensure they can conduct their duties as safely as possible.