Fraud Awareness For Employees

Our Fraud Awareness for Employees Online Training will raise learners’ awareness of the many acts of fraud and how these can seriously affect an organisation if committed. It will provide guidance on how to detect, prevent, and report fraudulent crimes to help organisations combat employee fraud.  

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Our course will cover a range of topics including:  

  • Introduction  
  • What constitutes as fraud  
  • Impacts and consequences of fraud and the “Fraud Triangle”  
  • How to report and manage incidents of fraud  

We offer flexible training therefore the course can be completed online, anywhere, on a laptop, desktop, or device. Pause and save your progress at any time to learn at your own pace. 

Once you have completed all modules you will need to complete a final assessment whereupon completion, you will be awarded a Fraud Awareness Certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements. 

Fraud can affect all organisations, big or small. This will be an essential course for all businesses who which to educate their employees on the consequences of fraud in the workplace. 

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Our course will educate employees on what exactly is classified as fraud as well as the ramifications it can have on both the organisation and the overarching economy.  

Employees will gain an understanding of the signs and triggers that can cause people to commit fraud and how to quickly detect these to help prevent and combat fraud in the workplace. They will also learn how to correctly and accurately report these incidents should they occur, or how to report any concerns they may have. 

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Fraud may not seem a problem that would warrant major concern, however research shows that organisations lose roughly 5% of their annual revenue each year due to fraud. 

There are a number of reasons why people may commit fraud and even more ways as to how they may do it. From forging documentation all the way to stealing money or company inventory, it can greatly impact businesses no matter how big or small.  

Education, prevention, and detection are key prevention methods which employers should begin by training their employees to help understand the problem, and hopefully prevent the associated financial and personal loss caused from cases of fraud.