Food Allergy Awareness Training Course

The Food Allergy Awareness Training Course will help employees and employers ensure that any food manufactured, prepared, sold, or served by them is safe for consumption for those with food allergies or intolerances.

£15.00 + VAT

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The course will be structured as follows: 

  • Introduction
    • Food allergies and intolerances
    • Legislation
    • Information and cross contamination
  • What are food allergies and intolerances? 
    • Types of food allergy
    • Symptoms
    • Anaphylaxis, etc.
  • Legislation
    • Retained EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation, 14 allergens
  • Pre-packed for direct sale and loose foods and allergen labelling for pre-packed food 
    • Ingredients lists requirements
  • Provision of information for other foods
    • Loose foods
    • Allergen information folder
    • Records
    • Distance selling
    • Pre-packed foods for direct sale
  • Handling food allergens
    • Managing allergenic ingredients 
    • Cross contamination 
    • Training for food handlers

We offer flexible training therefore the course can be completed online, anywhere, on a laptop, desktop, or device. Take just 30 mins out of your day or pause and save your progress to learn at your own pace.

Once you have completed all modules you will need to complete a final assessment whereupon completion, you will be awarded a Food Allergy Awareness Certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements. 

Allergies to certain foods can be fatal which is why it is absolutely crucial for businesses to ensure they comply to legislation and are following health and safety guidelines when manufacturing, serving, selling, or preparing food to control the risks from food allergies. Workers should receive training and refresher training when needed, to make sure they are always adhering to safe systems of work to protect consumers.