Confined and Enclosed Spaces Awareness

The Confined and Enclosed Spaces Awareness Training course is designed to raise awareness of the key hazards and risks that can arise from working in confined and enclosed areas, as well as what safety precautions should be considered and executed to prevent harm. 

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The course will be structured as follows:

  • Definitions and probable risks 
  • The physical, biological, and atmospheric hazards connected to confined spaces
  • Precautions and safe systems of work 
  • Emergency procedures and risk of multiple fatalities 
  • End assessment 

We offer flexible training therefore the course can be completed online, anywhere, on a laptop, desktop, or device. Take just 10 mins out of your day or pause and save your progress to learn at your own pace. 

Once you have completed all modules you will need to complete a final assessment whereupon completion, you will be awarded a Confined and Enclosed Spaces Awareness Certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements.

This course is ideal for managers, supervisors, and workers who may deal with confined or enclosed spaces in their role. Appropriate training will be required to be able to assess and identify safety hazards so the correct measures can be implemented.

Our course will demonstrate to learners the safe systems of work when working in or around confined or enclosed areas. 

Upon completion learners will be able to identify a range of confined and enclosed spaces and be able to highlight the potential hazards that come with working in such areas. They will understand the hierarchy of control that begins with avoiding access and will be able to effectively demonstrate what emergency procedures must be implemented to mitigate harm and the number of fatalities.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 apply where an assessment identifies risks of serious injury from work in confined spaces. Confined spaces are typically places that are noticeably enclosed and where severe harm could occur from hazardous substances or restrictions, such as lack of oxygen.

Confined spaces can be difficult to identify so it is vital to know specifically what to look out for. These spaces could include storage tanks, silos, sewers, or the less obvious places being vats, ductwork, unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms, and so on.

Workers from a range of industries are injured or sadly killed each year due to not having adequate safety measures in place. Workers will require training not only on how to identify confined spaces, but also to know what to do in the event someone becomes trapped or is injured whilst working in an enclosed area.