CDM Awareness Training Course

The CDM Awareness Training course is designed to provide Duty Holders and stakeholders a better understanding of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM) to ensure construction projects are carried out safely to protect workers and others who could be at risk of harm.

£15.00 + VAT

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Our course will cover a range of topics including:

  • Introduction and background
  • What are the CDM Regulations
  • Key aspects of CDM
  • Duty Holders’ responsibilities  
  • Notifiable projects
  • When does CDM apply?
  • Planning
  • Pre-Qualifications questionnaire
  • The client Brief
  • Pre-construction information
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Health and safety file
  • Safe sites including, site organisation and induction, welfare facilities, vehicle movements, excavations and work underground, demolition, emergencies
  • End assessment
  • Summary

We offer flexible training therefore the course can be completed online, anywhere, on a laptop, desktop, or device. Take just 30 mins out of your day or pause and save your progress to learn at your own pace. 

Once you have completed all modules you will need to complete a final assessment whereupon completion, you will be awarded a CDM Awareness Certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements

All involved in any type of construction work, whether it be building, maintenance, refurbishment, facilities management, and so on, will benefit from this course. Duty Holders including clients, designers, contractors, and site operative will be required to receive training to ensure they understand the requirements of CDM.

Our course details the key elements of design management that will need to be considered for all construction projects to ensure the safety of all workers, and anyone else within the vicinity that could potentially be at risk. 

Upon completion, learners will be able to define the key terms use in CDM and will understand what Duty Holders’ vital roles are in construction projects. They will understand the importance of prevention and control, alongside design, planning, accumulating information, the use of pre-qualifications, and the purpose of the clients’ brief. They will be able to identify the vital factors of a safe site including induction training and securing access and will understand the significance of a pre-construction phase plan and how best to implement it.

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (otherwise referred to as CDM 2015) are a set of regulations which specifically apply to all construction projects to manage and improve health and safety before, during, and after construction work. 

To achieve this, CDM regulations holds responsibility on practically everyone involved on the project – particularly clients, Duty Holders, stakeholders, designers, and contractors. The regulations provide a structure which anyone within the construction industry can follow to ensure they’re complying to health and safety requirements: including the welfare and basic requirements for all construction sites such as security, traffic, emergency procedures, and lighting.